Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. John 14:27a

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Radnor Lake is a fine preacher.


Creation Lessons

Early morning sun
born in the quiet
that allows only
the sound
of songbirds
and leaves
barely moved by
a faint breeze.

Flowers already
arching toward
the light and warmth
taller tomorrow
having embraced
the feast of today.

I feel God’s hand
in the metaphor
leading, teaching
the power of spoken
gratefully lost
to his presence.

There is a lesson
in the solitude.
There always is.
Simple but complex
far reaching yet

We need to
a little each day
become new
in his love
fully present to
the change
he offers.

No need to grow
hoping for
instant success
or any success
no finish line
or winning goal
rather a slow journey
walked together.

Joy and sorrow
hope and love
become our stories
promise the changes
of life lived
not planned.

Our book
no final chapter
no ending
rather a legacy
in people…
people with names
their growth
co-mingled with ours
still adding
day by day
to the abundance
creation teaches.

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