Cleaning (using that term loosely!) my desk today, I ran across an email response to my friend Caren, written at her provocation on how I might think I am privileged. That’s become a hot button issue these days but has not enjoyed the introspection it deserves in mainline society.

I remember this question well—-I had never been asked before that I could recall. Caren was in divinity school then, hence her prompt. But, div school or not, she is a person who asks the hard questions always! Nothing skims the surface with her—-she has just always been a troublemaker for God! I love her for that! I wrote a poem about her. Will post it soon!

At any rate, here are my answers. I am surprised to see they would not change much even now!


I am privileged because:

I am a beloved child of God.

I have clean drinking water.

I have enough food.

I am healthy.

I am warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

I do not have to move because I can’t pay my rent.

I get to sleep in a bed.

I have an education.

I have access to medical care through insurance.

I live in a country where I can freely worship at any place of my choice. I pray the same for my non Christian friends.

I have been consistently loved by family and friends.

I have been mentored by role models, all along my life’s journey, who have shared their love of Christ with me through their actions.

I have discretionary emotional energy.

I belong to a denomination that celebrates the role of women in the pulpit.

I have hope.

I have a voice for advocacy that can be heard if I will use it.

I have learned love is a verb.

I am open to learning.

I know who my neighbors are, regardless of address.








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