I often cut through Manley Road on my way back from Franklin, Tennessee….have noticed this sign several times but never stopped. So took this path purposely today to learn from those who made this happen….to celebrate their vision for those who are not sighted. I was there alone…..and tried my very hardest to place myself there using touch and smell and hearing rather than my vision. I did not taste though have seen edible blooming plants on dinner tables! It changed my experience in the loveliest of ways, added to my vision…..but did not diminish my consideration of the same journey for those unsighted. It was a breezy day so it was easy to hear branches connect, to hear tall ornamental grasses sway, hear birds in trees still leafed…to appreciate the architecture of plants and blooms in their end cycles, pods and berries brushing strong bushes. To see asters waiting for their time. And to see two flags blowing in the breeze….the Tennessee State flag and the American flag. To consider how the unsighted might know their touch, so far up. It made me realize that might be my job, our job… interpret all they mean in the ways we treat one another, provide for one another, share our lives. Trying to imagine this life’s journey in someone else’s skin stayed with me as I drove away.

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