Title Not Necessary

It has been a sad two days. Even more so than usual when the rhetoric from our President is non inclusive, privileged, uninformed and selfish. That has become the norm; our society has been given permission for a lack of civility that has begged response.

My friend, Kaye Harvey, has posted an eloquent, heart felt response. Her words are needed and necessary. Many have agreed and commented. She has always been a leader.

These are not policy issues that bring disagreement or polarity. These are not political issues. These are not religious issues that divide.

These are human issues……words that defile our very natures, abuse our very souls, squander our intellect, diminish our potential for building community. They fragment hard won relationships, model an attitude not shared, indicate an ignorance borne of privilege. They steal the future for our world.

If we fail to speak out, we become complicit. Not a new concept…..supported by people who have given their very lives for humanitarian and justice issues. We can learn from them.

We are being given an opportunity to teach…..not only our children and grandchildren, but Senate and Congressional members, most of whom seem to value career and monetary gain over service to the people and country they serve. But, more importantly, they exhibit no personal integrity or character. They shouldn’t speak because it’s their job….they should speak because they are human beings.

As I mentioned on a shared post, I am grateful my parents, who served in Haiti, are not here to know how the people they loved are being characterized. Hearing their stories has contributed to our family, who we are, who we hope to be. I pray Douglas, a little boy we sponsor in the ministry with Raise the Roof Academy in Uganda never knows our leader places him in this description; I pray his teachers can forgive.

I have never written without being specific about the subject, without outlining the focus. I simply cannot write the words.

Sadly, I know it isn’t needed.

I write not because I can add anything new. I write to raise my voice.

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