I believe in prayer. I have never made it complex. I trust in prayer.
I have thought a lot about prayer as it relates to the current pandemic and its horrific physical, mental, and spiritual toll.
I take great comfort and find great hope in knowing our prayers have been answered!
God has provided answers through those who care about us as he does. Those who lead and direct this mighty public health issue …through people he has gifted the potential to use their education, their intellect and their scientific based experience to prevent further spread of this virus….and return the sick to wellness. Dr. Schaffner at Vanderbilt, Dr. Shelley Fiscus and all the others in our local PHD, those at the CDC and NIH levels. We are grateful for their tireless work.
Through them, God has gifted us the ability to be his answer for one another. Following the guidelines to stay home is indeed that gift. It will save lives. It will change the course of this pandemic. It will reflect our love and care for our fellow human beings, for the well being of all. It will mark us as his disciples.
In the end, it will define who we are.
Following the lead of those tasked with the safety of our health will, in turn, lead us back to freedoms we enjoy with our families and friends. Back to jobs, a stable economy. It will take time.
And though I pray intermittently through the day, my more intentional prayers seem to find the quiet of night. I will pray for son, John, Jr., on the frontlines in anesthesia at Vanderbilt, daughter Missy, an RN on the front lines at the hospital in Fayetteville, John, III as he continues anesthesia grad school online and works as a RN when he is here in town. For Brad Olds, Sandy’s son, an ER doctor in Kentucky, my friend Kim Graham, an RN in Nashville, my neighbor Shelley’s grandson, Michael, in his third year of medical school who will likely be called to duty….and many more!
And I will pray God’s comfort on the families of those who have died.

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