Searching for Positive

Interfacing with social media brings family and friends to our home at a time when presence isn’t advisable. So, seeing those faces of new babies, toddlers, siblings, high school friends, local friends and those scattered far and wide seems justified and almost necessary.

Even with editing and “hiding” posts and the like, it also brings a powerful picture of chaos, poor communication, unjust references, incorrect information, outside influences  and a shroud of negative. Choosing to stay or leave becomes a consideration.

I was thinking last week of the days many of us tutored/mentored young children in the inner city. Children now in their 20’s might I add! We were there a very long time and watched them grow.

Each year, I would start each homework session by asking the child to stand, look in my eyes, and tell me who they were special to that day…or what they thought made them special. Over time, I was able to ask them for more in depth answers and could tell they gave it some thought in between our visits. They had remarkable answers!

So, I have been thinking about the question. Who am I special to and what makes me special? To carry the claim further, how do I use the ways God made me special to make this time more positive; how do I use whatever that might be, big or small, to become part of a solution rather than adding to the vitriol? How do I, even isolated, become the answer to the prayers God hears? Do I start with prayer? Do I listen for the answer?

So, to change the rhetoric, I ask you the same…who are you special to and what makes you special? How can you share that in a time that needs you?

For those who are comfortable, it would be lovely to hear your answer! Those answers give the rest of us creative ideas we might not have considered! Those answers make us think differently, perhaps. Those answers bind us as a community, not naive, looking for pie in the sky, but a community who starts to look for the good; who becomes part of the solution, whether it is simply wearing a mask or following precious guidelines for wellness. That science is an answered prayer.

Interacting these months with old friends who attend Glencliff UMC has been my teaching tool in these days. They are doing the teaching! Many have no internet, several no phones. They have pastors (Rev. Neelley Hicks and Rev. Ingrid McIntyre) who have been incredibly inventive in finding ways to keep this small congregation connected and cared for…..a lot of my joy these days are those phone conversations. My sweet friend, Brenda, who happens to be blind, sings to me! (She has a beautiful voice, clearly what makes her special!) A lot of my joy comes from knowing they can attend worship over their phones, if they have one. I have one friend whose phone is available on a “minute” plan so she is unable to hear the service. It takes too many of her expensive minutes. So, another member calls her each week to tell her about the worship service. Think about that. I do.

Hope to hear from you.






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